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Contenda is a generative AI tool that can mimic your writing style and voice, making it an ideal tool for a wide range of writing tasks, from tutorials and recaps to marketing blogs and essays.

How it works:

Contenda takes in sources you add from videos, transcripts, and more and converts them into building blocks of the topic and critical points for you to construct a written post. After generating text, refine it more by editing or adding your custom voice prompt to have it generate text in your writing style and voice. Then export the final post to share with your audience.

Use Cases:

  • Convert any podcast, blog, transcript, or video into engaging recaps, interactive FAQs, informative summaries, and much more within minutes.


Contenda Studio:

A unique generative AI tool that lets you quickly construct written content from any video and text source. It enables you to create custom content in your voice and writing style.

Contenda Editor:

A user-friendly editor that allows you to refine your written content more.

API Options:

Contenda started as a developer-first and has a flexible API.


<< p >> Contenda is web-based and works in the most popular browsers. << /p >> << h2 >> Community: << /h2 >>

Contenda offers a unique discord community to help write content and troubleshoot issues.

Unified content repository for faster, better repurposing of technical content.

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