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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this AI product?

The purpose of this AI product is to help businesses create viral marketing photos for their products in just one minute.

How does it work?

This innovative AI-generated product allows you to upload your product image and explore our affordable subscription plan to create eye-catching marketing photos. The AI technology quickly removes unwanted elements from your images and enhances them with captivating backgrounds.

Why should I use this product for my business?

Using our cutting-edge AI solution can give your product marketing a significant boost. It allows you to create stunning, attention-grabbing images that will attract more customers and increase engagement.

What features are included in the subscription plan?
  • Create stunning AI-generated product marketing photos in just one minute
  • Access captivating product backgrounds without breaking the bank
  • Upgrade to the premium plan for additional features like different angles and human or pet models in your product photos
  • Easily remove unwanted elements from your images with the user-friendly interface
  • Boost engagement by using high-quality images that grab attention

Make viral AI product marketing photos in 1 min

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